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The Airlines Operators Association of Nepal is sole organization representing the aviation industry. The association was established in 2055 along with the liberalization of aviation industry. AOAN is working together with aviation stakeholders and committing to the flight safety.
Association interacts with government agencies, participants in multi-modal development activities with government, airport operators both at national and international level. 
The Airlines Operators Association is the non-profit organization that represents the Nepal’s commercial Airlines industry. Its main aim it is to promote the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible operation of aircrafts throughout the Nepal.
We represent and promote the industry in order to maintain a fair and balanced business environment. 
We encourage younger generations to consider careers and opportunities within the aviation industry for the future health of the industry, and to maintain the Nepal's position and leadership in the field.
In 2055 Asadha 04 the first meeting was conducted in Karnali Air's office in the Chairmanship of Capt. Narayan Singh Pun and decided to establish a non-profit organization to resolve the common problems of airlines industry together and to safe the industry. This first meeting decided to establish AOAN and given the responsibility to Capt. Narayan Singh Pun to draft a legislation to register the organization in the concerning agency to maintain legal status.
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Mr. Manoj Karki, President
Greetings from Airlines Operators Association of Nepal!  
On behalf of the Airlines Operators Association of Nepal, I invite you to participate in this wonderful journey that we undertook way back in 2055. Airlines Operators Association of Nepal established with the objectives of working together with aviation stakeholders and committing to the flight safety. AOAN motto is Commitment on safety.
We are committed to provide world-class air services in Nepal. We are asking our member airlines to follow the Safety Management Systems (SMS) and all the guidelines issued by ICAO and CAAN to make sky safe. 
Today, we have 16 members, have domestic and international too and both Fixed wing as well as Rotary wing side  – operating the aircrafts not only the territory of Nepal also international level. Our dedication to ensure safety of passengers as well as sustainability of the member airlines and to maintain high standard of safety has set new standards of service excellence in the domestic airline industry.
AOAN is registered in District Administrative Office, Govt. Nepal approved organization is working for benefit of the member airlines as well as the safety of aviation sector. 
With your partnership and support we will continue our support to national and international passengers. As we support all the airlines, crew members, maintenance staff, operations staff and others, I would like to thank all of you for the trust and continued support you have provided us over all these years - this journey would never have been possible without you.